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Research and
Energy is a vital force which not only powers our products it is the fuel of life itself, propelling us forward to constantly look ahead and to give more. Ambach’s commitment to research and product development is powered by the energy of every member of our design and engineering teams. A continuous evolution that never stops our ability to imagine the future for our clients and to create the products and solutions that will be ready to meet the needs of tomorrow’s kitchens and facilities is only matched by our passion to succeed.
The changing needs of our clients are the starting points from which we rethink our products, or projects and improve them
Alessandro Zuliani technical director Ambach

The path of evolution starts with attentive listening to the requirements of all our partners, it is our compass by which we direct everything in terms of design and innovation. Weekly meetings with chefs, consultants and distributors, held in our product demonstration kitchen helps us identify any changing needs through the sharing of intelligence and valued opinions. To gather such information and hear first-hand the working experiences of those who use our equipment, is a precious element in our goal to produce innovative products that deliver. This process is at the heart of our research and development strategy.

The best solutions are identified and delivered through a collective effort
Josef Andergassen production manager Ambach

At Ambach every aspect of our research and development is achieved through committed team work. Every input, no matter how small becomes a key source of intelligence, to be examined and evaluated by all personnel in every department. Thanks to this philosophy and to our small, but experienced team, the dialogue between our commercial, technical, production and customer support departments is lively and constant. Bringing efficiencies and values through innovation involves everyone. Our personnel travel the world to see trends and gather knowledge at relevant trade fairs and international events, they participate in courses to stay informed on every aspect of design, production and manufacture, all with the single aim of being able to produce the equipment of the future.

It is vital that we continue to create the most suitable products for the needs of every client
Marco Feller technical office

Our desire to produce the best innovation is driven by the key values of efficiency, power, performance, reliability, flexibility, attention to detail and last, but certainly not least the need to provide the highest levels of hygiene. Our aim is to provide complete customer satisfaction, by always providing simply the best equipment for every location and need. Think of us as a menu, we focus on each individual requirement, cuisine and cooking style to create the products for you and your unique kitchen. For us innovation is never ending, it’s the order of the day and it keeps Ambach at the forefront of excellence, or in the eyes of our clients the ability to provide everything that is good about high quality catering equipment.

Each Ambach product is created from the perfect combination of design and performance
Alessandro Zuliani technical director Ambach

For Ambach design means the perfect combination of style and functionality. Our kitchens are built to compliment the personality and unique working methods of the individual chef. Their innovation, quality and simplicity make them practical, ergonomic and beautiful, without unnecessary, or superfluous elements. Their architecture leaves ample room for the chef's creativity, allowing diverse culinary perfection with ease.

Performance is another guiding principle of Ambach product development,  our powerful and robust kitchens are designed to deliver unrivalled performance day in and day out. We work constantly to improve the performance and reliability of our products, while at the same time we’re conscious of the need to reduce the energy needed to power them. Ecological efficiency through the creation of intelligent equipment, that not only provides top performance, but that also uses our valuable natural resources effectively is our priority.


We want our clients to see Ambach as their partner
Loris Tamanini after-sales manager

At Ambach our clients can rest assured that we’re totally committed to identifying, designing and manufacturing the most innovative and suitable solutions for their particular requirement. This process starts with our ability to help our clients visualise their unique kitchen, or facility before committing to its configuration, or architecture. We do this through the production of 3D images that enable clients to see the complete project and the positioning of the equipment, providing the opportunity to recognise any need for change early in the process.

For us the supply of equipment is not the end of a journey, it’s just the start. We ensure that the same meticulous attention to detail used in our manufacturing processes, is adopted in our after sales support structure. We also offer our customers the facility to register their products with the online Warranty Solutions, an innovative tool that stores the complete history of the product throughout its lifetime.
Through this facility on the new Ambach web-site, clients can identify and order parts and consult an extensive product information library, including maintenance and technical manuals. With Ambach, there is always an effective solution close at hand.