PRODUCT | Distinctive values (IVP)

Distinctive values

The distinctive values, or as we like to call it IVP (Internal Value Points) found in our equipment and kitchens is born out of an ability to combine a blend of cutting edge design, future proof innovation, precision engineering construction and hand craftsmanship. This unique mix of skills and attention to detail has provided us with our rich and precious heritage.

In the design and construction of every Ambach product and kitchen we pay particular attention to the needs for every location to achieve the highest levels of hygiene. To achieve this our hygiene innovation includes:

  • Single piece top executions
  • Unique seamless module joining system
  • Cooking surfaces manufactured with a large radius and rounded edges
  • Solutions flush plan bases
  • Hygienic seamless open cabinet base unit inserts with pressed runners

Ambach equipment and kitchens are designed and constructed to offer the widest choice of configuration and suiting options, providing complete flexibility and functionality regardless of the location, available floor space and footprint.

  • Open Solutions that you can integrate freely between ranges
  • The ability to incorporate specialist cooking units for the production of local, regional and national cuisines - including Tandoori, Wok and Teppanyaki
  • Upper and lower modules with combined load bearing frames
  • Complete customised finishes including colour choices, available in our Exclusive Ranges
  • Robust “Flexofit” solutions on all our open fires and grills

The renowned build quality and reliability of Ambach products and kitchens is achieved by the use of the highest quality materials and components and meticulous hand crafted construction.

  • Robust heavy duty solutions, using the highest quality materials
  • 3 mm reinforced chassis’s
  • Load bearing, fully welded 2mm stainless steel frame with screws and bushes
  • Stainless steel control knob

Every Ambach product and kitchen delivers extraordinary results in terms of performance, efficiency and productivity; equipped with innovative and effective power systems, with precise controls to guarantee both quality production and low energy consumption.

  • Large operational cooking surfaces maximise your production capability
  • Large surface areas maximise your handling capability
  • Powerful high efficiency burners
  • Unique Thermoblock design ensures constant and even temperature distribution
  • Operating temperatures are reached quickly

Every aspect of our technological innovation is focused on the needs of every one of our clients and partners. Whether this be a chef controlling a busy facility, those who choose to recommend our products because of their unique characteristics; or installation and maintenance teams where easy to work on equipment is key. Ambach innovation provides the future proofed equipment and kitchen solutions of tomorrow – today. 

  • Fully supporting frames, multifunction cooking pans, unique thermo block design, compound plates, split components, separate piezo ignition.
  • Unique joining system that guarantees perfect alignment and the flexibility to make easy changes to a cook-line, or suite configuration.
  • Our equipment line-up includes high-efficiency, low temperature over night cooking units for the delivery of healthy food options.



At Ambach we understand energy and the growing needs to reduce the use and cost of this precious commodity. We achieve this by developing, designing and manufacturing equipment and kitchens that optimise energy use and also provide reductions and savings through efficient performance and control.

  • Precise electronic controls for monitoring and controlling power use
  • Accurate thermostats to regulate energy use
  • Efficient insulation that reduces heat loss and prevents wasted energy
  • Optimal and even heat distribution
  • Recipients of The Dr. Georg Triebe award for innovation - Ecology and Efficiency category

Through our extensive operational knowledge and the use of cutting edge technology, Ambach products and kitchens are designed to operate with ease and to deliver an efficient, comfortable and pleasing ergonomic working environment that chefs and catering personnel appreciate and enjoy.

  • Ergonomics
  • Ease of operation through simple and precise controls on all equipment
  • Intuitive, easy to use technology
  • Technical documentation clear, reliable and easily consulted
  • Secure power in every condition, with protected and separated piezo ignition







Efficient and cost effective support when it’s needed starts with the installation of our equipment, a process that’s made easy by Ambach product and system design and innovation, which keeps installation times and costs to a minimum. On-going maintenance is also kept under control by easy equipment access design and the utilisation of simple, high-tech components and parts to help reduce servicing and maintenance intervention.

  • Easy installation
  • "Ambach Easy Access" design enables units and control panels to be accessed and worked on easily and cost effectively
  • Components and parts are designed to be split, to reduce replacement and on-going maintenance costs
  • All electronic components are protected by a watertight compartment