AMBACH | Sustainability

Sustainability is written into the Ambach DNA, it’s part of the way we design and produce kitchens.
Alessandro Zulianitechnical director

Located in the heart one of Italy’s most environmentally friendly regions Ambach has long been recognised for its commitment to sustainability and ecological responsibility. We continue to strive to operate our manufacturing processes and business in a way that respects not only our local environment, but that of the wider world.

Minimising our environmental impact

As part of our commitment to sustainability 90% of the energy we presently use comes from renewable sources and it is our intention to improve this figure to reach 100% by 2020. Our production cycle uses no polluting chemicals and releases no harmful emissions, we recycle all recyclable products and materials and minimise all waste throughout our business.


Utilising recyclable materials and packaging

All Ambach products are manufactured using high grade, 100% recyclable stainless steel, electrical parts and components contain no harmful elements and all packaging materials, including those made of wood and cardboard, are 90% recyclable, complying with the strictest packaging regulations.

Complete regulation compliance

Ambach products meet the strictest equipment efficiency standards and comply with all gas and electricity safety regulations.

Reducing energy consumption

Ambach has designed and manufactured energy efficient catering equipment and kitchens for many years. All our products feature class leading energy saving elements, from precise thermostats that help avoid energy wastage, to highly efficient insulation that reduces heat loss. Innovative design such as indirect cooking units improve overall performance and efficiency by reducing cooking times by up to 50%, that also reduces energy use and operational costs.

Induction cooktops provide a 93% efficiency, compared with an average of 55% with more traditional systems. And through their technically advanced control systems and innovative design solutions, our latest pressure pots and pans deliver market leading  productivity and efficiency.

In addition, all Ambach prime cooking products can be seamlessly integrated into a single hygienic work surface making cleaning quicker and easier, reducing the consumption of water and use of detergents.