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The strength to
cater for any
Ambach has a renowned and respected heritage, one that has enabled us to stand the test of time and over-come the most challenging of situations. It is our commonly held values, traditions and quality focused applications at every level of our business that guide and inspire us every day.

We constantly strive for excellence, it is a goal that has become our method of work. We’re committed to always doing our best, to understand and satisfy the needs of every client, whether this be the design of innovative solutions, the production of high-quality products, or ensuring an efficient and effective service.

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do and we take great pride in the fact that we work tirelessly to provide effective solutions for each customer. Solutions that are not only tailored to their desires and needs, but that are also in keeping with their personality and style. We manufacture with care and make sure that once installed, our products live up to their expectations for years to come. 

In addition, people are the precious engine of our company: we respect and value our human resource, celebrate its diversity and personalities and thank each and every one of our personnel for their contributions to help keep Ambach at the forefront of our industry.


We believe in the values and principles that are at the very core of Ambach and the work we do providing a range of quality products and services. Professionalism, honesty, transparency, mutual understanding and respect are engrained throughout our company, allowing us to build trusting relationships that have lasted over decades.

Innovation is the impetus to go further, the continuous search for the next element of design, or technology that takes us a step forward, however that step is measured. However, at Ambach innovation is never restricted to technological achievement, it begins with an ability to listen to our partners to understand their changing needs, in order to see the future and always be able to offer the best solutions.

At Ambach we closely monitor the impact our actions and products have on the environment. Through our environmental policy we continuously research materials, product performances, production methods and operational practices to make sure our carbon footprint and the ecological effect of our products is the best that it can be. We take this responsibility seriously and passionately as the Alto Adige region has always been at the forefront of environmental sustainability policies.

At Ambach we value and actively encourage the contributions and involvement of every member of our talented teams. Throughout the complete design and manufacturing process our pursuit of excellence is achieved through the work of committed personnel in every department. We strive for perfection, share common goals, set standards that challenge us to deliver and enjoy the satisfaction that comes from working as a team to produce world leading products.